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Interplus entered into the PCB industry in 2006.
We work with 2 factories in Shen Zhen, with Read more...


If you have one BOM with description of each components, we can propose you Chinese and Taiwanese brands Read more...


Working with two Chinese top manufacturers, who engage in research, development and production, we are developing Read more...

wires100x100Cables and Wires

If you need cables and wires, we can propose you  Read more...

batteries100x100Batteries & Super Capa

Working with one leader manufacturer in China, our main products include lithium-iron cylindrical battery, Read more...


We provide various Micro Current & Voltage Transformers, such as: Digital display meter with micro transformer, Read more...

Working with one leader manufacturer in China, our main products include lithium-iron cylindrical battery, lithium-iron button battery, lithium iron phosphate cathode material, lithium iron phosphate power battery, battery system and solar electrical vehicles. The products with advanced characteristics and high quality have recognized by our customers worldwide.

Advantage of our products:

  1. Select self-made excellent cells;
  2. Use the unique integration technology for the battery management system of Heter;
  3. Design and fabricate the first class power energy storage system;
  4. Provide a complete power source system solution;
  5. Energy efficiency is high, and the single cell has good consistency;
  6. Effective cycle life is long, and control interfaces are abundant;
  7. High and low temperature discharge performance is great, and the product is safe and environmental friendly.

We can provide :

  1. Battery Cell
  2. Battery Pack for Energy Storage
  3. Electric Bicycle Battery
  4. Electric Vehicule Battery
  5. Super Capa

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With one platform based in Shen Zhen, and our partners in France, we keep our pace with high technology and understand well about what customers need, thus we provide efficient service ans supply high quality/price products. On the other hand, we have established firm partner relationships Read more...

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